Big ups for etharal117

2009-09-18 19:25:53 by Blackhoodkrew

Just letting everyone know that this so called nerd just disrespected me on newgrounds. I got to say thats fucked up. I thank the rest of the Fans and newground users for reviewing my songs respectfully other than etharal117, disrespected me. Check for ya self. Look at my 2008 audio and look for "Sepherioth remix" and look at this kid comment he left. What you think? Well about the beat, I was just experimenting with the song and just fucking around. I like it to be honest and there are a few that liked it and there are a few that didnt. But the point is that he left me a ignorant review. So newgrounds, are yall ready to here a diss to this punk ass etharal117? Or is it pointless?


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