JBOI, are you coming out with a mixtape this year?

2010-06-26 16:25:58 by Blackhoodkrew

Well actually i was really thinkin about it. I did alot tracks with the group bhk and decided that i wanted to do somethin this time for myself. I produced so many tracks we had been on. Mainly i been on the hooks but now i think its my time to shine. Alot of people on newgrounds havent heard none of my tracks. They always respond back to me as BHK. Yea thats koo and all but they dont really know who is the person that is really posted the beats on the web. JBOI is what they call me. So hopefully people get a taste of what im bout to put out this year. By the way, To all the fans out there still listening to bhk, were coming out with a mixtape this year. Hopefully by the end of august. Check us out and I





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2010-09-03 18:02:02

i dunno if u've heard this!!!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a07dDv HqsNw