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I know last year a few of yall review some of my songs and said i needed to compress and eq. At first i thought they sound pretty good, thats because i had basic stereo speakers running off the mixer. I just bought this mbox studio bundle that came with the mboxmini 2, 2 studio monitor speakers, pro tools 7.4, sound check mic, and extra lil stuff. I just hooked up my shit like the mbox and the studio monitors to it. I notice a slight difference with the music i made last year and man yall was right about everything and that shit sounded bad. I thank everybody tho with their honesty and the ones that took their time to review my music. Everything is going to change this year and music is going to sound better. Thanks and im out

BHK- New money

AZ- On the grind

It's time to get serious!

2008-10-16 17:56:44 by Blackhoodkrew

Im actually getting a krew started. At least 2 singers and 6 rappers. I've been previously working with Aztec, Renegade, DMike, and Dyse. They are still part of the krew no matter what. Now its time to take things to the next level. I've been progressing with my studio. I just bought a $300 reflexion filter, upgraded my cheap ass mxl 990 mic to a cheap ass AT2020 mic lol. Im using a Alesis Usb Mixer(149.99). I produce with the Axiom 25 and plan on uprading that to a Fantom. Also Im going to upgrade everytime i make the money to make my home studio feel like any real studio that charges $100 of dollars for a track. Its time to get serious! Even if a majority of yall newground artists serious about taking ya musical talents to the top, I prefer ya to plan your goals first. If music is one of your goals just push ya self to make it far. Thanks to all that take the time and listen to my music. I'll be posting some up soon when i get the krew ready. Peace


On some real shit

2008-10-07 20:53:07 by Blackhoodkrew

I Got This new beat i made and its called "new money'.

Leave a n***a some love or a friend request

Im out and thanks

Im bored as fuck

2008-10-03 16:56:27 by Blackhoodkrew

Bored as hell in college doing nothing. I hate taking all these uneccesary classes to get my degree. Im trying to get my degree in music recording but thats gonna be like another 4 years. aint that some bull shit. Im plannig on going to L.A Recording Arts the begginnig of next year. I wanna become better at producing my own music. I thank all the positive reviewers for your critisism. And the negative ones to kiss my black ass lol j/k.

Iight then listen up

2008-08-13 14:34:09 by Blackhoodkrew

I appreciate the votes and shit on my music but be for real. If some of yall muthafuckas want to vote my music down then wont you tell me what the fuck is wrong with it. Leave me a review or something, dont leave me fuckin hanging. And if some of yall muthafuckas vote people down thats top on the charts to bring ya ass up then that shit aint gonna work. I dont care who the hell yall are, im giving ya katz a 1 or 2 and betta believe that shit for real. If some of yall have the same problem then holla at me

I want to work with someone that likes to rap to my music. Thats if ya feel my music enough to even think about throwing a verse on it. Well keep in touch please