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Moving to Soundclick!

2011-12-19 10:57:57 by Blackhoodkrew

Well sorry to say but i think im not going to be posting up any new material on here that much. I feel that it is time for me to start selling my music. All my fans and listeners follow me to my new web page DJJBO.COM. Hope everyone have a Happy Hollidays

New video!!!!!

2011-02-13 20:57:29 by Blackhoodkrew

Well actually i was really thinkin about it. I did alot tracks with the group bhk and decided that i wanted to do somethin this time for myself. I produced so many tracks we had been on. Mainly i been on the hooks but now i think its my time to shine. Alot of people on newgrounds havent heard none of my tracks. They always respond back to me as BHK. Yea thats koo and all but they dont really know who is the person that is really posted the beats on the web. JBOI is what they call me. So hopefully people get a taste of what im bout to put out this year. By the way, To all the fans out there still listening to bhk, were coming out with a mixtape this year. Hopefully by the end of august. Check us out and I

Well my group BHK is trying to go hard for 2010. Im really looking forward to collab with really good artist and producers off of new grounds like killbill, JPsuperfresh, Aztec, etc. If yall reading this then i wanna put some type of mixtape together, tiltle "Newgrounds best" or whatever. It's just something i wanna do. So if ya down then lemme know.


Well i bet alot of yall trying to figure why i didnt post up any new beats, I just been broke and cant afford the internet right now lol. Its gonna be awhile for me to be able to keep in touch with yall. Just wanna let ya know that if you want me to work on anything the lemme know.

PM me from here and lemme know if send anything to that address


2009-09-20 00:40:06 by Blackhoodkrew


Check my team out on myspace. We on our way to the the top. We got a show on the 25th of september and there are going to be 5 major record labels there so pray to god that we goin to get sign.


Big ups for etharal117

2009-09-18 19:25:53 by Blackhoodkrew

Just letting everyone know that this so called nerd just disrespected me on newgrounds. I got to say thats fucked up. I thank the rest of the Fans and newground users for reviewing my songs respectfully other than etharal117, disrespected me. Check for ya self. Look at my 2008 audio and look for "Sepherioth remix" and look at this kid comment he left. What you think? Well about the beat, I was just experimenting with the song and just fucking around. I like it to be honest and there are a few that liked it and there are a few that didnt. But the point is that he left me a ignorant review. So newgrounds, are yall ready to here a diss to this punk ass etharal117? Or is it pointless?

Beat Prices

2009-07-30 19:03:12 by Blackhoodkrew

Im letting everybody know if ya interested im leasing my beats at starting them at $10 or less. I hope ya think that is not to much cuz actually its pretty cheap and im not a bad producer. I have alot of confidence and im ready to make money.

To contact me my email is

If ya wanna purchase a beat then go on to and search for BHK Productions.
For leasing and exclusive info check my myspace profile.

My Myspace profile

Lemme know if ya interested

Yea im just bored and thought i can make some money off my beats. I wanna start leasing them for $10. What you think? Is it to much? I need money to boost my studio and upgrade my keys into a Roland Fantom or a motif. I dont think 10 is bad for leasing? Im not that bad of a producer or am I? So hit me up with some fresh ideas newground users. If somebody want anything from me just hit me up with a PM or email me at ya know my real name lol)

To all my collabers

2009-03-17 14:36:45 by Blackhoodkrew

Hey im looking for someone thats able to collab with me. Either if its a beat or some body want me to spit a verse. Im also pretty good at using that tpain effect. If you want me to do a hook or some background vocals to anything then let me know. I dont just produce music, im am also a artist. Hit me up fo any collaboration